Do You Know The Three Types Of Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreds?

Different musicians have different preferences and needs. That’s why you will find more than twenty standardized fiberreeds in Harry Hartmann’s shop! Don’t be intimidated, though. They offer handy instructions and charts to help you take the best decision for your style. For example, they outline the differences between their three types of reed as follows:

Natural and Natural Classic Fiberreed
These fiberreeds are totally made out of the white hollow fiber foam resin compound which copies the structure of the natural cane (Arundo Donax). The Natural Classic Fiberreed has a steeper cut, sounding warmer and darker than the Natural Fiberreed. It suits perfect for a vintage jazz sound.

Carbon and Carbon Classic Fiberreed
These fiberreeds have high modulus carbon fibers on every second layer. The overtones are richer and the sound spectrum is bigger compared to the Natural Fiberreed. The low register is heavy and the high notes have a convincing presence. The Carbon Classic Fiberreed has a steeper cut, sounding warmer and darker, while the Carbon Fiberreed is brighter.

New Hemp Fiberreed
80% organic material for a darker, earthly sound. Same great benefits as the Carbon and Natural Fiberreeds.

If all this variety isn’t enough, remember that you can also commission custom-made reeds! Click on the logo below to learn more about what Harry Hartmann has for you, while supporting me and my music.

Happy shopping!

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