Learn About Women In The British Music Industry With These Unmissable reads

Sammy Stein is an award-winning author, writer, journalist and curator. She has an extensive bibliography dedicated to the jazz scene and the role of women in it. During 2020, she published two books in which I had the honour to participate as an interviewee.

You can find both books on Amazon and through Sammy’s website. Here I leave you with the summaries so you can decide which is a good fit for you. Can’t recommend them enough!

In Their Own Words: Interviews With Women In Jazz. Intimate and revealing interviews with female musicians who have made it on the jazz scene are presented here. Meet some of the greatest female stars and upcoming personalities in the world of jazz. Among these you will find: Selina Albright; Sheila Jordan; Tina May; Isabel Sorling; Ellen Andrea Wang; Silvia Bolognesi; Alison Rayner; Shirley Smart; Mimi Fox; Brandee Younger; Ginetta Vendetta; Taeko Kunishima; Melissa Aldana; Camille Thurman; Millicent Stephenson; Jane Bunnett; Arema Arega; Barb Jungr; Georgia Mancio; Julie Biel; Kitty La Roar…

Gender Disparity in UK Jazz. This book from Jazz Times award winner Sammy Stein looks at gender issues in the UK jazz scene, as well as touching on those elsewhere in the World. Peeling back the layers of the UK scene in discussions with musicians, venues and educators and using extensive research carried out by Sammy and that of eminent researchers in jazz music who shared their findings with her, the book looks at the reality, the potential for change and the ways ahead.

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