What Has Happened Since I Wrote My Article About Menopausal Musicians

I will be honest: I did not expect the article I wrote for the Musicians’ Union in occasion of World Menopause Day 2020 to have such an impact. Since its publication, I have received many comments by men and women, both publicly and privately, about the subject. I have also been invited to participate in different events to discuss it at length, including the Round Table about International Women’s Day 2021 by Reform Radio in Manchester, The Menstruation Project based in Berlin, which launched on May 28th this year, and another interview I will share information about soon.

Allow me to share some of the comments I have received:

Thanks for making that bold step to share so other women and even men to understand the struggle.

Thank you for sharing your personal menopause journey.  I’m just so hot all the time which is soooo uncomfortable and makes me feel miserable.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone. 

 I am post menopausal I think and you are so right that it’s not a subject that is talked about. Menopause hit me like a ton of brick and I had to run with it. I have to say I was totally unprepared for it and even when it came, there was no one to share my experiences because generally women are reluctant to talk about their experiences.

It makes me happy to see how all these healthy and very necessary conversations sparkled from my article. If you have not read it, you can find it here on my website, or in the Musicians’ Union page.

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