Let Some Amazing Women Tell You Why You Should Join ‘Time For My Music’

Time For My Music is an online membership community where women in music can connect, share, learn and advance in their journey. Currently (and only until tomorrow, September 14th!) it is open for registrations, so, in order to give you a better idea of what you can expect, and a pinch of encouragement, I bring fragments of testimonials from women who have been in the group since last year:

Being a member of Time for My Music has enabled me to grow in confidence in terms of my musical ability as an amateur saxophonist. I have also grown in my knowledge and understanding about the more technical aspects improving my all-round performance e.g., use of mics, sound levels/amplification, lighting, appearance, and digital skills, backdrops etc. This has also increased my appreciation of all musicians and their performances.


Time for My Music ‘does exactly what is says on the tin’. The group has allowed me to return to my first love and I couldn’t have joined a more supportive group of like-minded women. I lacked a great deal of confidence but was determined to overcome this hindrance. The T4MM group has offered me support when I needed it most and has encouraged my development. I now play in 2 bands – one where I am part of the ‘brass section’ and another and that has an ‘all girl’ line-up. Not bad for someone who had no real intention of becoming a performer!


For ages I had wanted to buy an amplifier, but was not sure what to buy. T4MM had a workshop on amplifiers and now I am the proud owner of a very good one. Other workshops have been on backing tracks and stage performance skills, which have been excellent.  Whatever level of musician you are, you need good backing tracks! It is important to present yourself well on stage. I have purchased some very good backing tracks and even had one made.


The Journey has been a challenging eye opener from preparation to performance. I’m sure you all feel the same. Millicent gave us the foundation’s andundamentals, through seminars and workshops and we have managed to link the theory to practical.  

On reflection, I realise how far we have all come. A very long way, Sisters, and we’ve done it together. WELL DONE EVERYONE.  YAY!!!


What this community group does, and gives me, is the time and space to explore, experiment, sharpen, and fuse musical ideas with likewise women. I have grown tremendously in my musical journey and applaud and commend Millicent on her leadership and vision on our behalf.


Convinced? Go to this website and join the group. Also, you can watch highlights from the online performance we organised within the group here:

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