Meet The Charities Supported By T4MM’s Concert

The online evening performance we had with members of Time For My Music last Saturday 26th January had the aim to raise funds for the homeless. The women chose two charities to achieve this: “The House of St. Barnabas” and “CEO Sleepout”. Both of these were brought to the attention of the group my Anouck, who was also in charge of talking about them during the concert. You can listen to her following this link, and read more about each charity in the links below:

Working to break the cycle of homelessness by giving people affected by homelessness the skills and confidence to get into employment and find accommodation.

Visit the official website of The House of St. Barnabas.
Donate to the The House of St. Barnabas.

Around the UK business leaders are invited to sleep rough for one night to raise funds to fight poverty and homelessness in the UK.  Monies collected are donated to charities at the front line of homelessness and poverty.

Visit the official website of CEO Sleepout.
Donate to the CEO Sleepout.

None of the funds you donate to these charities goes through Time For My Music or Success Beyond The Score. This means you can donate any time. Note, however, that the donation page associated to the event, where you can also donate to Time For My Music directly, is going to be up only until the end of this month.

Thank you for your support!

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