‘Success Beyond The Score’ Season 2 Finale!

It is finally here! ‘Success Beyond The Score’ Episode 20, the conclusion of my series of interviews with incredibly successful and inspiring musicians from the West Midlands of the UK. This time, the conversation is only between me and you: let me highlight the best of the best from each interview, comment what was new for me, what confirmed my own thoughts and experiences, what I think is better for you to keep in mind, etc. This is also my way to thank once again my guests Tony Bean, Louise Dengate, Abigail Kelly, Anna Brooks, Dan Whitehouse and Ruby Turner MBE for their invaluable contribution to my podcast.

As usual, you can also listen to this episode in podcast form. Find your platform of choice in this link. Don’t forget to leave me a comment and share this and all episodes with friends that could gain something from this information. Also, don’t think the podcast ends here, we will have a season 3 in the future!

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