Hear Me Play The Sax… At Your Event!

Every new month of 2022 has brought a bigger wave of enquiries and bookings to my inbox. I am delighted to see how the stages for live music open again and the venues come back to life. It is exhilarating to participate in events that were put in standby for months or years, waiting for the time when it’d be safe to meet again.

If you think a sax performance would go great with your event, be sure to enquire quick through my bookings form, so you don’t get your time slot snatched by someone else! In the form, you’ll be able to provide the basic information and details needed to make sure the show will be up to your expectations.

While you fill the form, listen to my rendition of ‘I Will Run To You’, as performed for the online event Sax Interpretations last year.

Can’t wait to hearing from you!

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