Revisit The First Season Of “Success Beyond The Score”

Believe it or not, I started my podcast “Success Beyond The Score” back in 2019! That’s a long time and a lot of material: we have 50 episodes in two seasons, covering all kind of relevant topics for musicians who want to achieve their goals in the music industry.

Did you arrive recently and haven’t listened to the first episodes? Has it been a while since the last time you checked the first season, and you want to refresh your memory? Well, everything is available online for free!

Go to episode one of the first season and start, or restart, your journey with me into the secrets of the industry. If you want all the episodes with their respective info so you can choose what to listen and in what order, you can do it in this link. Share and discuss with your colleagues, and of course, be sure to contact me if you have topic suggestions or questions you’d like to see addressed by the podcast or other projects of my education site, Success Beyond The Score.

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