12 Ways To Reduce Money Worries

It’s no secret that the cost of living rises have affected everybody.  It may be that you have to cut back on the amount of holidays you take, or figure out how you will make £1 stretch to purchase necessary items.  Well, here are my 12 tips to help you manage your money worries.  Don’t forget to do you due diligence and seek professional advice to see if these will work for you.  

1.  Sell stuff you no longer need!  Maybe you have an extra instrument, or two, or three, or four in the corner gathering dust.  Do you need them?  Could someone else benefit from them?

2. Cut back on ready meals and takeaways, and cook from raw ingredients.  

3. Call in any I.O.Us

4. Look through your insurances, utility bills, bank charges and see if you can switch to a provider who is offering a better deal.  Of course, read the small print!

5. Cancel any subscriptions for services you no longer need.

6. Become more energy efficient.  It takes more electricity to boil a full kettle than the amount of water you need to fill a mug.  Switch off lights and appliances you don’t need.  Run your washing machine after 11pm where the electricity tariff is cheaper.

7. Walk instead of drive to your local shop. You will get exercise, meet people and reduce your fuel bill.

8. If you are part of a band, car pool to your gig if possible, to reduce your carbon footprint, fuel costs and parking costs. 

9. Budget! Make a shopping list and stick to it.  

10.  Bring an empty food container to your gig!  Recently I’ve been to a couple of gigs where the caterers have thrown away food because they made too much and everyone was full.  Bring a couple of empty food tubs with you just in case the caterer or host is offering seconds, thirds and fourths. Great for the next day! 🙂

11. Worries can zap your energy!  Spend time deep breathing to remain calm and allow the oxygen to flow around your body.  Exercise. Also be thankful for your wins, achievements, fun times with family and friends.  

12.  Learn how to work out your gig fee and get paid for all your gigs. If you are not sure of how to do that, I can help! You can book an individual or group coaching session with me through this website.

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