What Have I Been Listening To?

Kylie Minogue’s “Miss a Thing” is a recent addition to my repertoire. The song is part of Minogue’s fifteenth studio album “DISCO”, which was released in 2020.

There is an official video for it, but whenever I am learning a new song, I avoid those in favour of lyrics videos. In that way, I don’t get distracted. I listen to the song until I get very familiar with the melody and can tell what note is being sung and where it is in the sax at any given moment. Then, I work it together with the backing track I purchase for use on stage (never work with unofficial or illegally downloaded backing tracks, it hurts the original artists!).

What do you think about this song? Have you heard it before? Do you like it? If you have an upcoming event where you’d like to listen to it live, you can enquire in my bookings form. I’m looking forward to have a great time with it alongside my audience!

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