“Success Beyond The Score” Podcast S3, Now In Text Form!

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Having a podcast is a creative endeavour through and through. Success Beyond The Score has run for three seasons already, and I have delved into all kinds of new skills in order to make valuable info of the music industry available for everybody. It has been as challenging as it has been rewarding; my head is always full of questions and ideas!

For example, recently I wondered about accessibility. While we can agree that podcasts are, by definition, programmes made available in audio format, there is no reason not to make them available in other ways, so people for whom audio is not a good option can enjoy the content too. Seasons 2 and 3 are already available as videos, which adds a visual element, but… what about text?

Transcription and subtitling are useful for people in a variety of situations. Regardless of whether it is an issue of need or preference, I think having the text version at hand is always beneficial. For this reason, during the upcoming months, I will post the transcriptions of all the episodes of Success Beyond The Score season 3 on my education website, www.successbeyondthescore.com. At the moment, subtitling the episodes on YouTube is not feasible, but I hope the transcripts allow interested listeners to read along.

I am excited to share my podcast in this new way with you all. Be sure to keep an eye on my website as well as my social media so you don’t miss whenever a new transcript becomes available.

Listen to all seasons of the podcast here: https://www.successbeyondthescore.com/podcast

Watch the videos of season 2 here: YouTube Playlist

Watch the videos of season 3 here: YouTube Playlist

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