Music Can Help You Say ‘Farewell’

The passing of a loved one is a difficult experience to handle. Many feelings flourish around grief: appreciation, regret, nostalgia, gratitude for the good things that the person left behind, and of course, the wish to honour them in the best way we can. This, many times, involves music.

I’ve had the fortune to participate in a lot of funerary processes, performing at different moments of them in accordance with the will of the deceased or the request of their families and friends. After meeting a funeral director at an event, I’ve also had the chance to perform at some of the yearly memorial services he offers for his clients. Each of these occassions has been emotional and meaningful, and they’ve allowed me to learn and appreciate a lot about life and death.

It’d be an honour for me to accompany you in saying farewell too. You can watch some videos of my performances for funerals and get more information in this page. In addition, allow me to direct you towards the website of Laurence Stephenson, who took the photo heading this post, so you can see the photography services for funerals that he offers.

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