Feeling Gratitude This Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn occasion for many around the world. It commemorates an act of ultimate sacrifice while all things come to life due to spring, a contrast from which many reflections can be drawn, regardless of whether you’re Christian or religious at all.

I like to approach the day from the angle of gratitude. It can be easy to take things for granted, to not stop and smell the flowers because, well, they bloom around this time every year. However, it’s the fact that they bloom every year what is fantastic! Expressing gratitude about things like that can help us feel more positive. Some optimism can’t hurt, especially when times get a bit rough, right?

There are many things I’m thankful for: the blessings I’ve received, the music and knowledge I’ve been able to share, the lessons I’ve had the opportunity to learn, the challenges that have made me stronger… but today, I want to focus on the people who believe in me, with a little example.

There’s a lovely woman called Dorothy who has been a fan of my music for a while now. She even won a cool Not Just Jazz t-shirt a few years ago! When the time for the wedding of her daughter Sabrina came, Dorothy recommended me to the bride and groom and they decided to book me for the ceremony. There’s nothing that warms my heart like being able to contribute to the special days of people who have made my career special for many years! So thank you, Dorothy, Sabrina and Ben, it was an honour to perform at the wedding and I’m glad you had a brilliant time!

And thanks to every single one of you who also follow my work and believe in my music, of course. I wish you blessings and many things to be grateful for during Good Friday and any other day of the year 💙

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