Listen To My Music On Radio Cardiff

Do you know Radio Cardiff? The community radio station has appeared more than once in my blogs, especially for the interview I had a while back with Gospel Raph in his programme “Voice of God”. You can listen to it on Mixcloud:

Besides giving me that space to talk, Radio Cardiff has also made room for my music. If you’re a frequent listener of the station, you might come across my renditions of “She’s Royal” or “Take Me To The King”, among others. No matter how powerful streaming services are nowadays, having your music playing on the radio, and a community radio at that, always feels great. Be sure of giving them a listen and tell me if you happen to catch my songs, or mention other musicians you find there that you like.

Also, if you want to listen to me directly, you can visit my YouTube channel —and consider subscribing while you’re at it 😉

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