Anna Mae Bullock Or Tina Turner?

Every person has figures they look up to in their lives. In my case, one of them is Tina Turner, whose tremendous talent for music, dance and acting is an inspiration. Another thing that I find great about her is that she’s a down to earth person with a good work-life balance. When asked during an interview if she woke up in the morning and looked at herself in the mirror to marvel at the fact that she’s really the one and only Tina Turner, this is what she replied:

In the current era, when everybody is a little celebrity building a persona through social media, this perspective becomes very valuable. Giving ‘everything’ on stage doesn’t have to include —in fact, it shouldn’t include— that which is more personal to us, our privacy and core identity. We must strive for a healthy relationship with our audiences. There’s no conflict between being a great and sincere entertainer, able to awaken feelings and emotions that captivate the public, and waking up to say “I’m not the person(a) who steps on the stage, and I love myself more than I love that person(a)”.

Back to Tina Turner, the video above was extracted from her YouTube channel “TINA Turner Blog“. It’s full of funny and interesting short videos, if you want to take a look. Also, here’s my own YouTube channel, where I share music, advise, and some video blogs too. Subscribe and activate notifications to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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