In Loving Memory Of Tina Turner

tina turner

We lost Tina Turner three months ago, on May 24th, 2023. It doesn’t feel entirely real yet. The shock I felt when I learned about it through one of the members of Time For My Music hasn’t gone away completely.

The Queen of Rock’n’Roll has always been my number one female artist. For decades, I dreamed to perform alongside her. When she retired in 2009 —a well deserved retirement after an incredible career that spanned 50 years— I sadly had to bid farewell to this aspiration. Even after leaving the industry, though, Tina Turner was motivational beyond her music legacy. I happily followed her Twitter and YouTube accounts, enjoying amazing insight on her worldview and very inspirational posts.

I will forever treasure her fantastic husky voice, so commanding and powerful, that suited her style and music so well. I will forever cherish the emotions she stirred with her performances and mindblowing dancing skills. I will remember her strength to overcome so many hardships until she became a legend, and how she didn’t let the fame take her away from her humanity and the people and things she loved.

I thought about sharing my favourite Tina Turner song to close this text in her memory, but I can’t for the life of me pick one, or two, or three. I’d rather suggest you listen to her catalogue on Spotify, Youtube, or your music streaming service of choice. If you have her records at home, take a break and listen to some of them to honour her memory.

Rest well and thank you for everything, Tina!

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