Quality Time: An Afternoon Of Cricket

After an intense week of gigs, yesterday I had the chance to relax and enjoy the sunny weather during the England vs New Zealand Men’s Cricket match in Edgbaston Stadium.

The last time I went to a professional cricket match was in the seventies. I can hardly believe it myself! That time, it was Jamaica vs England and I attended with my mum and one of her friends. I recall finding the match slow and rather boring, while this time, in the company of my son, I was quite engaged. What time, age and maturity can change, isn’t that right?

To be fair, nowadays they certainly keep the audience entertained in between runs or other pauses with recorded music, giveaways and interviews. They even make stationery bikes available for the audience to cycle and generate power for the cleaning machines. Also, the fact that we were sitting in the shaded part of the stadium definitely helped. I’m quite a summer person, but enduring the sun for hours is never pleasing.

At the end, New Zealand won by 74 runs. Well played! Despite the fact that England lost, I was happy to have been there, enjoying some quality time with my family. Hopefully, I won’t let other forty-something years pass before visiting the stadium again, haha!

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