Behind This Great Beatboxer Stands A Good Father

Watching videos made by musicians all across the globe is quite entertaining, and many times, also inspiring. Some time ago, I came across this clip on Instagram and I was amazed. So much, that I tracked the original, finding out that it was first posted on YouTube by the young woman on the right, whose name is Nicole Paris.

This is from 2015. It’s hard to believe, for how fresh Nicole’s beatboxing sounds. The gentleman on the left is her father and mentor. They seem to have a lovely relationship, which is always fertile soil for talent to bloom. Kudos to him for raising her above him —but this isn’t to say his own beatboxing style isn’t brilliant!

Nowadays, Nicole is still in the creative sector, doing music, acting, cooking and working as a public figure. She’s also beatboxing and facing her dad in epic matches that you can find on her YouTube channel. If you’re more of an Instagram person, here’s her account.

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