It Smells Of Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks away. Beyond the enormous commercial machine that gets turned on during this time, there’s something about the candles we light in the face of shorter days, the plans we make with friends and family, and the recipes of hearty food we dust off, that smells of celebration and renovation. It’s a nice feeling.

While I have a few gigs booked for November and December, I’m looking forward to spending most of this time with my loved ones. Who knows, maybe I’ll go to Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market as a casual visitor. I’ve performed on it before, so it’d be a bit nostalgic. Have a look at what I played back in 2017:

What about you? What are your plans for the winter holidays? If for some reason, you have never visited a Christmas German market, I recommend them! Talking about how Christmas smells, I’d say the mixture of warm drinks and delicious snacks of these markets is a strong contender. Of course, my heritage offers other interesting options. If you want to know more, tell me in a comment. I’ll see what secrets I can reveal 😉

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