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backstage at cannes

Travelling is one of those activities that make you constantly look at the hour. Even more when the purpose of the trip is to work! Last month, in order to perform at the business gathering Erdrington hosted in the occasion of the TFWA World Exhibition & Summit, I had to be strict with my itinerary. Luckily, I have a lot of experience to rely on.

Waking up on time and boarding my numerous means of transport flowed fine. It was a long and tiring journey, of course, but nothing stressful besides a moment of uncertainty, when the taxi we’d booked to take us from the hotel to the harbour didn’t arrive. After dressing up, doing my hair and applying my make-up in just about 30 minutes —to ensure I wouldn’t delay the taxi or the performance— it was underwhelming that it never appeared. Together with the hotel and the Client’s team , though, we solved the issue quickly enough. I arrived at the location, a beautiful yacht anchored in the harbour, with just enough time to get everything ready.

Again, experience was my best friend. I checked my backing tracks, equipment and sax with the efficiency of someone who has done it thousands of times. The person in charge of the sound happened to be from the UK too. We talked about what I needed, and we tested everything very fluidly. Then, I placed the cables out of sight to ensure that the elegance of the yacht was preserved in my area. It was quite a beautiful ship!

The harbour was magnificent too. I didn’t have much time to spare and bask in the view, so I left it for the next day, when I was mostly free until late in the afternoon. It was tempting to try to use every available second to see something more of the city or the harbour. However, experience also teaches you the importance of rest and recovery time. I used the morning to get some needed sleep, eat a good breakfast by the pool, breathe deeply and ensure I’d be on my best shape for the second performance. It was a good decision! Both nights went incredibly well because I had the energy, the focus, the support of the lovely audience, and because I know how to use my time.

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