Tenor Sax – the outcome

It was fun trying out the Tenor and experimenting with the keys, techniques, dynamics, etc.  I also tried a range of mouthpieces to see how it spoke to me and ended up on the Yamaha 6C.  I think I needed a slightly broader mouthpiece to really take the instrument through the levels but it wasn’t available.   As a player, standing  behind the instrument, I don’t always hear it in the way the audience do so having Mike around to give the objective  opinion was really good! :-).   After a 24 hour ponder I was still 50/50 about whether this was the one for me so I decided to let it pass.  Never mind!  The case is not quite closed,  LOL!HiscoxPRO-IIWas

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  1. How does it fair with the alto? I’ve never played the tenor so can’t compare with my alto. Have played a soprano and that sounded and felt nice to play. Can’t afford one just yet, but with God’s grace.
    Hope you’re well. Take care and God bless

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for passing by.

      For me it’s more down to what songs you play, if you feel having one or the other will enhance the tune or convey a particular meaning. If you’re in a group or brass line then Alto or Tenor other might fit better.

      The transition to Tenor is easy in that notes and keys are in the same place despite it being a Bb instrument and the Alto Eb. The initial adjustment is in hearing a lower pitch for the notes but once you get over that you can have a lot of fun e.g. growls come out more ‘beefier’ because of the depth of sound and that can be cool, or not, depending on what you like 🙂 I have friends who prefer the Tenor and find it more responsive than the Alto and others who are happy with the Alto. Oh, you have to be more careful in handling the Tenor and factor in a few more millimetres for the furniture around you as the bell gets there a lot quicker than the Alto! Tenors are not much heavier than the Alto.

      I’ve played the Alto for quite some years and it’s served me well. Players like Charlie Parker and Dave Sanborn have done quite well with the Alto. That said if the Alto and Soprano is where you at then that’s fine. It’s best to stay with what works for you and that you are happy with as that will be conveyed through your playing unless, of course, having the range will get you more work!

      Hope that helps!

      God bless!

      1. Hi Millicent. Thanks for the tips. Really useful stuff. As I play the flute as well, I understand what you mean about transitioning between instruments and the feel of songs. I’d still love to have a go on the Tenor – just for the experience. Any local gigs coming up? God bless

      2. At the moment most of my gigs are outside of Birmingham, I have a couple enquiries in at the moment and I’ll put them on my ‘Events’ page. I’ll probably mention one or two in the blog but no too often as I don’t want to bombard peoples mail boxes with stuff but thanks for the enquiry. Do you have any of your playing on youtube or elsewhere?

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