Preview of Track 1 ‘It’s all good’.


Here it is!  A preview of track one on my EP.  I wrote it to capture the sunny moments when everything is feeling great, working out fine  and you say to yourself  ‘It’s all good!’.   Enjoy!  Don’t forget to Like it, Share it, let me know what you think in the comment box below.  Full track will be available for purchase and download soon….listen to the preview here:


  1. Yes nice to hear you milli. Big tings to follow. Not enough of the track to fully appreciate it. .looking forward to the complete production. Btw photo shot looks great.

  2. Hey Millicent
    Congrats! Long time coming, indeed!!:-)
    Your: ‘It’s All Good,’ saxaphone creation, definitely communicates that musical language of satisfaction!
    Keep me informed about the Cd’s availability on iTunes!

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