Official EP release 1st June 2013

Yes, it’s here!  This weekend, 1st june 2013,  is the official release of my tracks  and you can buy it online, at my gigs, by email or by post:

1)  Buy it online from or eMusic .  It will be coming soon to Google Play,  Rhapsody,  Spotify,  xBox Live,  Medianet,  iHeartRadio.

2) Buy a copy at my gigs.   See my Events page for the latest venues.

3) Order CD by email to  with your name, address and payment details via paypal or your preferred provider.  Cost includes CD, post & packaging within the UK.  Postage may be more if outside of the UK.  Alternatively place your request in the form on my contacts page.

4) Buy by post by sending your name, address and payment to:

Mr Michael Stephenson, Fairgate House, 205 Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AA.

Finally, official EP release 1st June 2013,  spread the word!


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