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Joe Aldred Nikki Tapper Millicent Stephenson 'Sunday night with Joe and Nikki' BBC Radio WM 29th Jan 2017
Millicent live on ‘Sunday night with Joe and Nikki’ BBC Radio WM 29th Jan 2017

By the way you can listen back on BBC iPlayer – 20 days to go though – to my feature on ‘Sunday night with Joe and Nikki’, that I mentioned in my blog on 28th Jan 2017.

It was great to chat about Cafemnee, the context to my latest CD ‘Reflective Notes‘ and perform a track from it.  The BBC Radio WM replay is on BBC iPlayer for another 20 days.  See a 14 second video clip of the introduction View on Vimeo (Ad free) or Youtube. Links below.

Charlie Hale, Millicent Stephenson, Joe Eagan at BBC Radio WM Sunday 29th Jan 2017
Charlie Hale (Ex-footballer and Stand up comedian), Millicent Stephenson (Saxophonist) and Joe Egan (Ex boxer, actor).

It was also nice to meet Charlie Hale (Ex-footballer and Stand up comedian)  promoting his new Single ‘Muhammed Ali’s Dream’ about the legendary late Boxer Muhammed Ali.  Joe Egan (Ex boxer and Actor) is on my right.  He was also in the music video of the Single.

There was also a very powerful poetry from a young women towards the end of the show. Worth a listen!


Vimeo (Ad free)


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