Where are all the female musicians?

As mentioned in my previous blog, last Saturday I attended the UK Gospel Music Summit in London.  As a speaker in the ‘Bring On The Game Changers’ session I presented the hurdles female musicians face which impede their progress in music, to answer the question ‘Where are all the female musicians’. Although the Summit focuses on the Gospel Music Industry of the UK, the issues in my speech are also present in the wider music industry.

I’m very interested in your thoughts on the points I raised in my UK Gospel Summit speech video about the lack of female musicians in the music industry.  I welcome your comments on my speech as it will help to shape my research and my women in music project ‘Cafemnee’.




  1. Same issues everywhere. I am in Tennessee, USA. I feel like it’s important for women musicians to build relationships with each other. That’s why I started the womeninjazzjamfestival.com
    Women in Jazz are usually the lone woman in the band. But this festival brings women together. Now they know each other and hire each other.

    1. Hey Kelewele, good to hear from you. I agree, its the relationships that help us to move forward that’s why I set up Cafemnee and I’ve seen a lot of the women improving their music game already. So good to see it. I’ll check out your website, what an excellent idea. Keep going 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to make contact.

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