Michael Jackson Beat It Sax cover

Mac13SoulPhotographic-®2016 -fx Millicent (not just jazz) (12) CJ, Millicent, Sun.REI, Reuben Reynolds, Nigel Nguruve at Not Just Jazz IV Crescent Theatre Birmingham

In my early years soul music was not readily heard on UK radio stations. Sometimes ‘Top Of The Pops’ would air the occasional group so I grew up on a diet of Pop music, Reggae and Ska. Reggae and Ska records (yes, not mp3 or CDs but records!) which were imported into the UK. I recall my mum bringing home the Jackson 5 ‘Greatest Hits’ album, I listened and I was hooked. I danced and danced and learnt the words. Brilliant stuff!

I’ll let you into a little secret. I dreamed of marrying Michael Jackson…one day. I guess I was no different to all the teenage girls who liked the Jackson 5. Truth be told I did marry ‘Michael’ but not Mr Jackson, rather Mr Stephenson – LOL!

Really happy to include Michael Jackson’s Beat It track in my ‘Not Just Jazz IV’ set this year. I enjoyed learning the choreography created by CJ and Sun.REI. thanks ladies, it was a blast! Hope you enjoy it too. I even don on the red leather jacket 🙂

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