Good morning! what are you doing today?

Good morning! What are you doing today?  For me, this morning I got up thinking about my day and the list of things I aim to achieve today – Teach at 9.15am, Complete the track registration requirements for my latest Single, send the final 3 songs to the Band so they have time before next Monday’s rehearsal (We’re playing at the Chainmakers Festival in Cradley Heath). My Sax practise. Teach at 3.30pm.  Reply to emails, dig out some songs I’ve been working on and bring them to the songwriting workshop being run by Chris Diffold at MU (Musicians Union West Midlands) tomorrow…hmmm, today is looking packed already! Oh dear, needs must I guess.  BUT I will definitely without fail enjoy the lovely Sun we are having today. 🙂 That’s a definite plus 🙂

So what are your plans for today?  And just in case you missed my Good morning!  May it be a Good afternoon! or a Good evening! to you and let me know what are you doing today. 🙂  Got to go, my student is coming soon :-)Millicent Stephenson Not Just Jazz IV IMG_0712


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