Stop Press! My Husband Dance With Sister Sledge

Stop Press!  Hold everything!  I have to put this one out now!

The Platinum, international, Chart-toppers Sister Sledge headlined at Mostly Jazz, Soul and Funk Festival and my husband and I managed to get a front stage standing spot to watch them but who would have known that we would receive an unexpected surprise that night!  Sister Sledge is one of our favourite groups of the Disco era and they did not disappoint.  They were great!  Tight Band – individually and collectively! Brilliant Songs which bought back memories!  Fantasic crowd participation, in fact I learnt a thing or two from their act.

Now it was during their UK Chart hit ‘Frankie’ that Kim of Sister Sledge came over and sang to Mike, unfortunately I missed it as I was signalling the stage staff to increase the volume on the Sisters mics, so when I looked back she was right there singing the last line to him! I was gob smacked and I didn’t have time to get my camera out.  🙁  I missed a great opportunity 🙁 and the bragging rights 🙂

Any way when they delivered ‘He’s The Greatest Dancer‘ which was just fantastic by the way, that she returned, and sang to him…again!   Now,  me thinks she took a shine to him…’i-i missy’ – LOL!…but it got the audience going.  Next thing I knew she invited him on Stage.  Well the crowd went wild, I got a little crazy – you can probably hear my high pitch surprised laughter on the video – you wouldn’t believe I’m a performer – LOL!.  I was so chuffed that it was MY husband up there.    Up he went and danced he did!  So proud! I guess those dancing tips from my daughter really paid off – LOL!

Yes I had to Stop Press! My husband dance with Sister Sledge tonight and it was also a brilliant, brilliant concert!  See his dance for yourself.  When I get a mo I’ll post some more footage of the night as well as Jimmy Cliff’s numbers from Friday night.  Unfortunately I missed Candi Staton  on Saturday as I was gigging but I heard she was great too, next time.

Big shout out to Shirley, you glimpse her in the video at the end, stnading behind me, and big-up Mostly Jazz audience, we had a blast!




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