Episode 15 False Dawns

101Things 15 False Dawns Out Mon 30th July 2018 Millicent StephensonThis week was pretty intense but rewarding.  It was all hands to the pump in getting ready for my photographic exhibition by Anthony MacFarlane which happened Friday.

It went really well.  If you’re on Facebook, or not, you can watch the Live Stream (two videos) on my Facebook music page https://www.facebook.com/Millicent-Stephenson-Saxophonist-547354311995182/  A combined version of both videos will be up soon on YouTube and shared to all my platforms later this week so you can pop back then if you have any problems watching it in Facebook.

I also performed at a lovely 80th Birthday party last night and played Keys this morning at Church.  So quite hectic but interesting preparing for three events as well as my usually work load.  On the downside it meant somethings had to take a back seat but I’ll be back on them this week but first I’m taking a day off tomorrow and I’m looking forward to chillin and R&R.

So just to let you know that my next episode, Episode 15 of my YouTube series ‘101 Thing They Don’t Tell you About Working In The Music Industry’ is called ‘False Dawns’…a little ironic don’t you think – LOL! 🙂

Episode 15 False Dawns will be out by Monday 30th July 2018.

Speak to you soon!



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