My Holiday With No Sax In Sight

Finally got away this week, taking a holiday with no Sax in sight, which is not a bad thing. It’s been a full on year so far so taking a Break in El Masnou, which is on the Mediterranean coast line of Spain, with my family is well deserved.

El Masnou is a gorgeous place. The weather is exceptional although my hot flushes are exemplified. Lol!

Our Apartment which is lovely, clean and modern is on the Port/Beach front. Some sweet boats in the Marina. Food is great by the way, sorry no pics I was too busy eating and enjoying it 🙂

What I find fascinating is that when you walk along the narrow streets admiring the view unexpectedly a shop of some description, be it Grocery, Boutique, Restaurant, etc is sited there. Trade happens and I wonder how and why they decided to set up there but you know what it works. People are buying. Not so in England, shops are together nowadays, as many corner shops have gone. I find the Spanish approach unique and enchanting. Another thing is what I would class as an alley or pedestrianised area is actually main thorough fare for vehicles, all carefully and respectfully driven.

We are on a busy road which leads to Barcelona and other places but I don’t mind the hubbub. The night is quiet enough.

There is street art (Grafitti) here and there which my Son likes but my husband not so, my daughter and I agree that in some places, where it’s intentionally done, it looks great. Don’t get me wrong it’s mainly on the train track. The rest of the place is unspotted and our walks took us to some real pretty homes.

I have noticed a couple of restaurants with live music but this week is my holiday with no Sax in sight. If I had brought it I’d only be working which defeats the object some what.

Feeling sad to be returning home tomorrow leaving behind fantastic scenery and bringing to an end to my holiday with no Sax in sight.

Must come again.

(View from my bedroom)

(Me looking out to Sea from the pedestrianised are in front of of St Parroquia de Sant Pere, El Masnou)


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