Older me met the younger me

Millicent Stephenson Selmer mark II Alto Sax Yamaha Grand Piano Photograph by Shatterbox Daily

On Tuesday the older me met the younger me. I performed at a funeral which happened to be at the Church I attended as a child. I have fond memories of this place and I looked forward to being there again and reminiscing.

A lot had changed. The benches gone and replaced by bright orange and red chairs; the wooden floor now carpeted; the large podium remains but is now sited in a different place. The organ is still there.  I recall the older me recalls how the younger me enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows thankfully these still remain.  I use to mentally ticking off the hymns on the board as they were sung.

Millicent Stephenson Sax Church Stain Glass windowThe staircase to the downstairs hall and kitchen is now unused as it was quite steep and narrow.  There is now a lift and new staircase fitted elsewhere in the building but I was able to take a peek at the old staircase. I took these steps to Sunday School and Girl Guides Sessions. I recalled the teachers, and one particular lady we sometimes played up (naughty me…now don’t judge, I’m sure you got up to all sorts too…) but her character and positive attitude made such an impact on my life and formed my considerations about faith later on.

Speaking of naughty, I remember that the younger me enjoyed the delights of ‘Thunder and Lightning’ a game which you might know by a different name. Basically there were terraced houses along the road we walked. These have long since been demolished. Some of the older children (the brave ones or usually in response to a dare) would select a house, go through the front gate, approach the door, give it a real good knock and then run as fast as they could before being caught by the owner.  LOL! I was too little and too scared to do it but I watched from afar and legged it so I was no where what so ever near trouble 😊

But back to the funeral, it was lovely.  I doubled and the Sax pieces went really well and I also played the Yamaha Grand piano for the congregational hymns and special items. (See featured pic).

On leaving I took one last look and pictures before I left. To remind me that the older me met the younger me and enjoyed it.

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