All caught up…well almost

All caught up…well almost, with my social media I mean.  Still have some emails to catch up with, send out booking information then I’ll be all caught up with those targets for today…well almost. Practise practise practise for my set tomorrow at the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham.  Checking out the technicals later this afternoon.

It’s usual a good gig, lots to see, do, buy, drink and eat.  I hope it won’t be too cold tomorrow, nothing worst than playing with cold fingers.  Brrr!  Definitely not looking forward to the traffic though, the city centre is riddled with temporary one way systems to accommodate building works and new layouts.  A real bane, but see you there if you make it.  I’m on 2pm until 4pm tomorrow, Sunday 25th November.

Speak soon.

P.S. Just some shots from last year 🙂

#ADayInTheLifeOfAGiggingMusician #ADayInTheLifeOf ABootstrappingMakingItInMusic Musician #101ThingsTheyDontTellYouAboutWorkingInTheMusicIndustry


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