Speaker at WhiiseCon 2018 International Music Conference

So I just wanted to share with you some really really cool newsWhiiseCon+Tower+2!  I am a speaker at WhiiseCon 2018 an International Music Conference!!!

WhiiseCon is the first international digital online conference to ONLY invite 20 successful musicians as speakers and I am one of them.  🙂   We’ll be talking about our successes, failures, reflections and routines. What it took to get to where we are now.

The conference is hosted by Tommy Darker who is a musician and teaches music entrepreneurship at the University of Westminster, previously at Berklee College of Music.  The conference is suppported by A* ambassadors such as Rick Barker (who used to manage Taylor Swift), Bree Noble, Steve Palfreyman and others.

The good news for you is it is 100% free to attend as its online. It’s been made that way so there is no hassle to access the information. Sessions last from 30 – 60mins and are available to watch up to 48 hours after so don’t worry if you can’t watch them at your preferred time.  If you want to replay the sessions after the conference is ended then you can sign up for a VIP pass of only $20 USD or just over £15 UK pounds which you can on the WhiiseCon website.  100% of the VIP proceeds will be going to Women In Music.

The Conference starts Wed 28th November and runs until Sunday 2nd December.  Here’s the WhiiseCon 2018 line up  I’m on in Day 3.


Speak soon


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