I’ve learnt

I’ve learnt a tremendous amount, so far, as a musician working in the music industry.  I’ve also learnt a tremendous amount about myself.  For example, I’ve learnt I’m the type of person who keeps going even when I receive a curve ball.  I’m hitting and if I miss I try again or run on planning my next step.

Last night I watched the WhiiseCon replay of Dr Soo Wincci’s session.  I was really touched with how honest and open she was about a hurdle she’s still tackling and the emotional impact it has had on her.  There are other musicians talking about what they have learnt, their successess, failures, routines, how they got to where they are at WhiiseCon.

I was on yesterday talking about my experiences and the sort of tips I would give to women in music and also for up and coming musicians.  You can still catch my session and the other speakers from the comfort of your armchair by signing up for FREE on WhiiseCon website

WhiiseCon+Tower+2What is WhiiseCon?

WhiiseCon is the only music conference to only invite musicians to speak. 20 successful musicians all over the world share their honest stories about success, failure, and lessons learned. WhiiseCon supports 50-50 gender split & donates all the proceeds to Women In Music, promoting gender equality in the music world.  WhiiseCon runs from Wed 28th Nov until Sun 2nd Dec.

Come watch my interview! It will be online for 48 hrs. It’s free to attend online from anywhere in the world.

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