Day 4 Derailed Week – A Day In The Life Of A-Bootstrapping-Making-It-In-Music-Musician

I have had a week and a half! Gigs have been great but a couple of things really derailed my last seven days.

Last week I decided not to write to you in the early part of the week as I was prepping for a funeral;  teaching; working on the Radio Pack for my ‘Take Me To The King‘ single and meeting with Gary of GLR Records and Yvonne his manager to discuss the Single Launch. So things were not too bad up to Thursday but then, quite unexpectedly, I began to feel a little clogged up and guess what? I came down with a humdinger of a cold late Friday. I kid you not it was a terrible one. Fortunately I had no weekend gigs but still, making the decision to down tools to shift the cold didn’t come easy.   It’s the other side of being bootstrapping-making-it-in-music musician that people don’t see.   Your off stage persona.  I guess what nailed it was reminding myself that if I worked for someone else then I would be off work for a couple of days. So I took the weekend off. Best decision. I watched dramas, took it easy.  I finally got round to making curtains for a couple of windows in my home. Very relaxing.

Well by Monday I was more energetic, got on with my new week.  Started to catch up with postponed work and then on Thursday…my computer crashed!! I mean, can’t load windows, system restore not sorting it, nada!  That just derailed my psyche, like what!!! So consequently I’m working from my iPad and phone which is way too small for me.  Really irritating.  I’ve not lost a lot of work as I on carried out a back the week before but still a real nuisance as I rely on my PC heavily.

My PC is still switched off.  I’m just not looking forward to the amount of hours it’s going to take to get it back up and running.  Worst job ever. I’ll probably get onto it on Monday.

So yeah, that was my derailed week. But on the positive side Take Me To The King is out to Radio stations and has already been played on Premier Gospel and Urban Gospel Network Radio.  Cheering thought.

Don’t forget to get your copy.  Great stocking filler for a family and friends 🙂  Buy now 🙂

By for now.

Speak soon

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