I Will Go On

Mac13SoulPhotographic-®2016 -fx Millicent (not just jazz) (5) Millicent Stephenson Saxophonist

I wrote ‘I Will Go On’ in remembrance of a special person in my life.   There are some people who mean a lot to me and have contributed many things but John Grey will always stay in my top ten.    He helped me with my business, introduced me to my husband and gave fantastic encouragement when things got tough. He is no longer with us but his memory and impact still lives on in me and many who knew him.

Today I’m dedicating this song to you.  Remember those who are not around but their memory still provides the wind beneath you wings and the tenacity to keep you going comes what may.  A song from the heart to you this Christmas.

By the way, look out for the part where the audience wave their phone torch to commemorate their special person.  You can do that too where you are, get your phone ready and join in 🙂

Performed at my Not Just Jazz IV concert.  Many thanks to my team :

Not Just Jazz Band: Warren McCalla (Drums), Nigel Nguruve (Bass), Reuben Reynolds (Guitar), Noval Smith (Keys).
Backing vocals: Andrea Baker-Reid, Jamilia Hinds-King, Juliette Farrell
Sound: Nikoma Bell and VCH Technical Services
Lighting: JET Lighting Millicent’s
Hair: Samantha Golding and Juanita (SG hair)
Make-up: Vanessa Harris
Outfit: Maureen Lindsay
Photography: MacSoul13Photographic
Video Production: Treehouse Ltd The Crescent Theatre


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