I’m So Shallow

I have to say this.  I have to confess.  I’m so shallow, honestly I am.

In recent weeks my students have been turning up to lessons with super shiny saxophones. I mean with glowing metals. Granted, I have told them to take better care of their instruments! One student has a Sax that glints!  Do they not know the unwritten rule ‘never outshine the Master’.

So as a qualified and experienced teacher of many years I reflect on my teaching practise after each lesson.  And I wondered.  Apart from my request which had gone unheeded, what’s changed in my students that they now polish their Sax? There are different reasons, some too personal to share here, but I have concluded that they all love their horn and are taking time to look after it, which is really good. 

But then, I thought about my Sax. I became shallow. Mine was not as clean as theirs.  It needed a gooooood clean. I’m their teacher and mine should be the best. I should have the most shiny Sax in the classroom…time to get polishing.

Now, in my defence I am a gigging musician and time is in short supply so somethings don’t get done.  Also  silver saxes tarnish more easily than gold plated….well those are my excuses. Time to consider a full service with clean.

Anyhow, I’ve been on the other side too.  My dexterious Tutors play brilliantly but I have assessed their Saxophone cleanliness. Not to be judgemental or anything but some do quite well, others not so. Any way, I did set to work and shiver me timbers!  (I don’t actually used that term in normal parlence but it makes the point I think :-)) My horn was shockingly dirty!!!  I mean, I went under posts, springs, keys with my Denis Wick Silver Cloth and it came out looking so dirty.  See pic.  But my Sax breathed a hugh sigh of relief.  Naw! Got to improve my game going forward.

P.S. And to any of my students who are reading this post.  Just to let you know I love you loads.  Ignore my shallowness. Keep shining your Sax, it looks great! 🙂   And to my teachers, ‘Sorry!’


Speak soon




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