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Angela Schuster Freelance PR Manager Millicent Stephenson

Angela Schuster Freelance PR Manager Millicent Stephenson

I’ve been really blessed to have a growing music business. But blessings do not mean challenge-free living, sometimes it’s quite the opposite. In my case, my community management and PR is engaging and fun, but has grown to a point where I struggle to keep up and a second pair of hands are needed. So I’m expanding my team further.

I’d like you to say ‘Hello’ to Angela Schuster, my new PR Manager. Angela is an experienced PR manager with international connections and profile, who will be helping me propel my business to the next level. With Angela on board, responses to you will be FASTER as you’ll be speaking with HER too. This will allow me more time to bring new music and events for you.

So please say hello to Angela and make her feel welcome in the way you have me. 🙂

Thank you

Speak soon,


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