Who Is The Not Just Jazz 5 Band?

Who is the Not Just Jazz 5 Band? I am really blessed to be working with four fantastic musicians – Noval Smith (Keys), Reuben Reynolds (Guitar), Nigel Ngruvue (Bass) and Warren McCalla (Drums). They have been my Not Just Jazz Band for quite some time and I love working with them.

Now, if you work with Bands you will know there are some members who don’t do their homework, some who mess around and some are unfocused and you have to be leading them through the songs stifling your creativity but not these Guys. They are on it from the get go and give their undivided attention to the job at hand even though they have a million and one Gigs and Projects on the go.

We are preparing an exciting feast of musical genres that will really wet
your musical taste buds. I met with the Band this week and they are really on top form and looking forward to entertaining you with a night of delightful gems including a little Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, ABBA and Sinach.

Thanks Guys for being here! Looking forward to delivering brilliant music
with you at my live show on Friday 26th July at my ‘Not Just Jazz 5’ Show on Fri 26th July, 7.30pm. And if you’re looking for things to do in Birmingham that weekend, why not come along?

Bye for now!

Speak soon!

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