My Other Right Hand Man

Laurence is the Compere for my Not Just Jazz Shows however this was not the original plan.

At my first show in 2014, Laurence was booked to manage the PA system. All was lining up nicely before the Show until Michael, who was to be the Compere that night, was delayed completing an important Show job.  It left a gap and time was running out.   Who would introduce the Acts? Laurence was the only one nearest the Stage and with a little window of time to do it.  So, a little reluctantly but accepting of the situation, he approached the Stage with a sheet of paper of Show notes thrusted into his hand and a mic in the other. He welcomed my audience. 

And, you know what?  He did a good job.  So well, in fact that he caught the bug for the role and in the following year requested to do it again.  It was shared between Michael and Laurence.  For Not Just Jazz III Laurence confidently requested the complete role in full and to be fair Michael, who is my main right hand man (I’ll tell you more about him next time) agreed that it was a better way to go for the Show.  

Laurence Stephenson Not Just Jazz Stage Manager Millicent Stephenson Saxophonist
Laurence and Millicent discussing Not Just Jazz IV. Photograph by Anthony MacFarlane Mac13Soul Photographic

Laurence has continued to Compere all of my Shows and is also my Stage Manager.  He certainly keeps me on track, as being a creative there are times we (well I do from time to time even if you don’t LOL!) go down the rabbit hole creating ideas and getting the minutia right. 

Thank you Laurence for being my other right hand man for my Not Just Jazz shows.  Thanks for keeping me on track – lol!

P.S. He is also my son! Proud mum!!

Laurence, Photograph by Keri Hunt

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