My Hair Secret

I’m going to let you into a little secret.  Sssh!  Don’t tell anyone – lol! Here it is. It’s about my hair.  My hair secret 🙂

Now, I’m patient with many things but when it comes to styling my hair, I’m the total opposite!   I know a woman’s hair is really important but with my head full of music, gigs, teaching and so on, I have little time or patience with my hair. So when it comes to my Shows and photoshoots I entrust this very important task to international Curly hair specialist Samantha Golding and I have not been disappointed.

Samantha has coiffured my Not Just Jazz hair and publicity shots for a few years and I have absolutely no complaints.    What I like many things about Samantha. She has a keen eye for detail and knows exactly what will work or not work for me.  I’ve noticed that in her Salon no one leaves with something which does not work for them.  Each style is tailored to their attributes. The quality and standard is superb for everyone. 

Thank you Samantha, my hair secret!  My hair is great because of you 🙂

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  1. It’s my pleasure to keep your hairstyle at its best Creating looks for you outfits. Samantha

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