Menopausal Musician Speaks On International Women’s Day

Recently my Guest Blog ‘The Journey Of A Menopausal Musician‘ for the Musicians Union caught the attention of Jemma Tanswell, the Director of Reform Radio Station in Manchester. Jemma invited me to be a Guest on their Round Table discussion for International Women’s Day via Zoom.

There was a nice spread of age groups and it was a chance for all to share their experiences (from childhood to senior adult) about the very important aspect of being female which is generally spoken behind closed doors even though we are the essential conduit for life. As a Guest on Reform Radio I spoke about the menopause and being a musician. I also gave insights on other life stages. The Show ended with me playing a short burst of Tarrus Riley’s ‘She’s Royal’ which is such an appropriate and positive song about women.

The pre-record happened today and it will air on Monday 8th March which is International Women’s Day. I’ll keep you posted about the time the Station will air it and the link to listen or watch.

Speak to you soon.

Reform Radio Station, Manchester on Zoom
some of the Guests for the International Women’s Day Round Table Discussion

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