I am a Thought Leader finalist for the Baton Awards!

baton awards

I am overjoyed!  I am a Thought Leader finalist for the Baton Awards, which seek to shine a spotlight on women from a diverse racial group across the past, present and future. They celebrate and encourage women from a diverse racial group, so they overcome barriers to success in industries and professions where they struggle to be recognised.

I decided a long time ago to do something about the underrepresentation of women in the music industry. My journey was not easy, yet I overcame many obstacles and got to be a multi award winning saxophonist with features on TV, radio, journals and books.  As a speaker, podcaster and coach, I am challenging the gender imbalance by guiding and inspiring women to change their thinking about themselves, to be bold on stage, confident with using tech, and developing resilience in navigating the music industry. 

Thank you Baton Awards for selecting me and recognising the work I do. I look forward to the outcome on Thursday 24th November! For anyone who wants to attend the awards at the venue in London, tickets are available here. All monies go to registered domestic violence charity Strength With In Me Foundation.

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