My Approach To “Goodness Of God”

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! The occasion made me think about “Goodness Of God”, a song by Brian and Jenn Johnson that I decided to add to my repertoire a while ago.

When I pick a new song to work on, the first thing I do is to listen to it with my full attention. It’s not the same as just listening to music while thinking or doing something else. All little details come under my scrutiny, I allow myself to delve deep into the emotions present in the song, and this allows me to take decisions.

Music interpretation goes beyond playing the notes on a music sheet as you see them. The musician’s personal sentiment quite literally plays a role, so once I have the essence of the song clear in my mind, I make the adjustments and changes on volume and pace, plus the addition of notes if it applies, to make my interpretation distinctly mine without altering the song beyond recognition.

What do you think about “Goodness Of God”? Would you like to listen to my version? Perhaps I could post a clip on my YouTube channel when I reach 1000 subscribers (after all, we aren’t far from that goal!).

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