Learn About Gospel Music History With Re/counted

Re/counted is a project led by Roger Moore, the founder of GL360, which seeks to capture the development and growth of gospel music throughout the Midlands from the arrival of Windrush. It counts with eight episodes dedicated to different aspects of the gospel music history and industry, from choirs to bands, from tradition to modernisation, etc.

I’m happy to have participated in this documentary. You can find me on episodes 2 and 8, but please give a listen or a watch to the whole thing. You can find it here: https://recounted.co.uk/documentary-full

Besides the documentary, there’s also a Re/counted Remix, in which the team at GL360 recorded songs and choruses which celebrate the sound of the musical sound of the Windrush generation. Another step of the project, yet to come, is called Re/counted Live. It’s going to give the opportunity to record to artists who couldn’t do it during the 70s and 80s. I’m not featured in those, however I think they’re very good things for the scene and I invite you to keep an eye on them.

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