Video ooops! Work for free

Work for Free 101 things they Don't tell you about working in the music industry 101_Things_10_work_for_free_Millicent_Stephenson

Oops! So I spotted an error in the placement of a sub-title in the video which just had to be corrected, sorry for this video oops.  The correct version of episode 10 ‘Work for free’ is below. Sorry about that.

Just to remind you the topics in the video ‘Work for free?’are:

1. Your Mind and bookings
2. Setting your rate
3. Getting help with your bookings
4. Starting out in your music and working for free
5. Expenses
6. Refreshments and meals
7. Should established artiste work for free?
8. Working for free for future opportunities.

Enjoy 🙂

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