Thank You, 2022. Welcome, 2023!

Oh my Lord, I don’t even know where to start in regards of last year. It was so busy! While 2021 saw the return of musicians to live stages, gigs didn’t explode in number until early 2022, when all restrictions were lifted. Once I started, I didn’t stop. A true blessing!

Millicent Stephenson Multi award winning saxophonist at Birmingham 2022 Festival on the big screen
All photos in this article were taken by Laurence Stephenson

While I enjoy every single gig to the max and give my best in all of them, I have some highlights from major public events: The Black Women’s Awards at the botanic gardens, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham’s Victoria Square, the Gala Charity dinner and awards for the Association of Jamaican Nationals, and the British Airways concert for Black History Month.

In regards of private events, I had the opportunity to perform at weddings, birthdays, funerals and memorials, each one of them heartfelt and special.

I also took part in a new online concert by my community of emerging female musicians Time For My Music and premiered a new season of my podcast Success Beyond The Score. I successfully joined the NatWest Accelerator Programme and remained active with the Musicians Union, being part of the Executive Committee, the Midlands Regional Committee, and leading a rountable during the members’ conference.

Thank you, 2022, for all these opportunities and joyful moments. Thanks to every single person who attended one of my gigs. Thanks to those who listened to my music, got my products or told their friends about me during last year. You’ve made it unforgettable.

As to what to expect for 2023, well, there’s A LOT to come! So much that I had to step down from the Musicians Union Executive Committee in order to be able to do it all (I’ll remain, however, in the Midlands Regional Committee). I’m very excited for the changes to come and I hope you also look forward to them.

Here we go, new year!

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