Let’s Keep In Touch On Instagram

If there’s a good app to let people know what’s going on, that’s Instagram. The name (instant camera + telegram) says it all. I like to browse it through the day to find out what fellow artists, friends and personalities are doing, and of course, I like to share what I am up too as well!

If you follow my account @millicentstephensonsax, you will be up to date with my gigs and events, catching glances of the backstage and the performances through my reels, stories and posts. I love to interact, too, so you can be sure I’ll read the comments and see the likes you leave me.

If you have videos of my performances or content with me, don’t forget to tag me. Also, my inbox is open if you want to tell me what posts you’d like to see. Let’s keep in touch on Insta!

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