Not Just Jazz II – 2015

An excellent night!  Here are a sample of the Not Just Jazz II pictures and videos:

More photos can be found in ‘Not Just Jazz’ Post subject folder on this website.

Videos: ‘Feeling Good’ Nina Simone and an original compositions ‘Oh Ageing, what a thing!’ by Millicent Stephenson:

Feeling Good:

‘Oh Ageing, what a thing!’:

Other videos will be posted in the ‘Not Just Jazz’ Post subject folder of this site, within the videos page of this site and externally on Millicent’s Youtube channel and Vimeo.


If you missed the live show here are the highlights on YouTube or Vimeo of ‘Not Just Jazz II’, Millicent’s sold out concert held at the Crescent Theatre,  Friday 7th August 2015.  Live Band.  Opening act – Carol Brewster  Full video coming soon.



NJJII2 Sold Out Poster

‘Not Just Jazz II’ – Millicent Stephenson with Live Band. Friday 7th August, 7.30pm.  The opening act is Carol Brewster, she has worked with Jools Holland, Mick Hucknell (Simply Red), and Chaka Khan.

Not Just JazzII final

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